Corporate Social Responsibility at CADdent®
- more than just an obligation

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) or sustainable management. Whatever you want to call it, the environment affects us all. In addition to social and economic aspects, ecological sustainability is an important part of corporate social responsibility at CADdent.

Corporate Social Responsibility at CADdent

Ecological aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility

Due to the constantly progressing climate change, we at CADdent have been aiming for some time to make our business premises and our daily activities as sustainable as possible and to make our contribution to conserving resources and thus protecting our environment.

In addition to the use of energy-efficient building technology systems, including solar panels and heat pumps, we have already implemented further approaches in the sense of an ecologically sustainable future in the past year, among other things by switching to a resource-saving packaging system made of 100 % recycled plastic.

But this was just the beginning. In order to reduce the global consumption of resources and to avoid waste as much as possible, we want to reduce the paper consumption in our premises and in our production process as much as possible in the future. For this reason, we will no longer print out the declarations of conformity with immediate effect. Since user-friendliness for our customers is of course still our top priority, we began sending the declaration of conformity as a PDF file by email at the end of last year. In addition, the declaration of conformity is now filed and saved in the PDF archive in our CADdent-App.

We are also planning further steps in the future in order to increase sustainability on the one hand and user-friendliness on the other for our customers, so that we can tread the ecological future together with you.

Social aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to the ecological aspects of corporate social responsibility, the social responsibility of companies also plays a role that should not be underestimated. When it comes to sustainability and the conservation of resources, companies often only refer to the ecological aspect. However, a company's most important resource is its employees, with whom the company's success stands and falls.

Employee satisfaction is the be-all and end-all, because happy employees reduce fluctuation. In order to promote satisfaction among our employees, we work in particular on the following points:


As already mentioned in our last blog article “Think-tank – research and development with distinction”, employees are heard right from the start, can contribute their ideas and participate in the development of the company. What began with a few milling machines and a system for LaserMelting is today, thanks to many innovative minds and a "hands-on" mentality anchored in the company, a global company that has made a name for itself in the dental industry.


CADdent employees can help shape their future and career themselves. At this point, personnel development also plays a role. The development of employees is desired and encouraged. It doesn't matter whether it's part-time study or a topic or project-related further training measure.


Diversity is a matter of course for us and is lived. Regardless of age, gender, origin or religion, every employee has the same opportunity right from the start. This creates a colorful team of motivated colleagues who stand up for each other, maintain a friendly and collegial atmosphere and work towards common goals with a high level of motivation.

Economic aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility

A fundamental economic aspect results from the aforementioned social aspects. If employees are satisfied, the fluctuation rate decreases and with it the need to fill vacancies. In the middle income bracket, it takes an average of two to three months to fill a new position and costs a company around 23,000 euros.

Another central economic aspect is regionality. The procurement process, regardless of whether it is about (active) personnel recruiting, raw material procurement or the procurement of semi-finished products for production, should take place regionally as far as it makes sense. We pay attention to the origin and quality of the material, especially when procuring production materials. In addition to the aspect of regionality, this circumstance also contributes to more added value along the process chain.

Finally, transparency is a major issue in the area of corporate social responsibility. This transparency, both in production and in our external communication, was and is particularly important to us for responsible, long-term and trust-based cooperation with customers and suppliers. 


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a holistic approach that is only successful if it is practiced throughout the company, starting with the company management. In this way, satisfied employees become motivated specialists and important ambassadors for sustainable management. In addition, our CSR strategy offers us the opportunity to generate new solutions for the needs of customers and thus to consolidate our position as an innovation driver in the industry.