Cobalt-chrome (CoCr)

For all indications

Our branded material remanium® star

  • is characterized by a very good adhesive bond between the framework and the ceramic due to its low coefficient of thermal ex

  • is nickel and beryllium free

  • is carbon-free and therefore ideal for LaserMelting

LaserMelting CoCr ein robuster Werkstoff
Cobalt-Chrome (CoCr)
Inlay / Onlay / Veneer
Bridge up to 16 units
Primary telescopic
Secondary telescopic
Implant-supported superstructure

Cobalt-chrome alloys are perfect for high-quality prosthetics due to their extreme hardness and elasticity, which is twice as high as that of precious metal alloys and thus enables large bridge spans. 

Our beryllium and nickel free ceramic alloys based on cobalt-chrome are used in powder form in LaserMelting - the same material as in the casting technique, only the result is an absolutely homogeneous metal structure with a significantly longer service life. In the SLM process (Selective Laser Melting), we position the modelled data file virtually on a base plate in the production plant. There, metal powder layers with a thickness of 25 Mµ

are gradually applied, melted by a laser beam and cooled.
This process is repeated until all components are made on the base plate.

Despite the complex process, the products can be delivered within 48 hours. Large parts of the refinishing are already done in the production center – i.e. the support structure is removed and anatomical parts are gently processed. This is done by experienced dental technicians who are very familiar with the process. The last retouching work is thus shortened for the dental laboratory.

If a product does not meet our high quality standards due to material or processing defects, we will of course replace it free of charge.

Crown and bridge in CoCr, titanium and gold LaserMelting

Partial framework / tertiary structure and orthodontics in CoCr and titanium LaserMelting