Outsourcing to CADdent is worthwhile here

Metal partial frameworks in dental technology are complex to manufacture and mostly not very profitable. The lasered partial framework from CADdent helps in this case twice. Laboratories all over Europe appreciate the quality of our partial frameworks. Our digital partial framework in LaserMelting made of cobalt-chrome (CoCr) and titanium for the upper and lower jaw is characterized by both a perfect fit and interesting conditions - regardless of the number of clasps.

Modellguss im LaserMelting-Verfahren

Crowns, bridges, structures on implants - whether single tooth restoration or from ear to ear - are already implemented digitally in many laboratories. The partial framework, however, remains mysteriously still often out of this game. 
It is still a frequently used treatment in dentistry. With holding elements in the form of clasps, as reinforcement of full dentures or as a combination work in partial dentures, it is a reliable framework. 
CADdent realizes this partial framework digitally and we can thus grant our customers access to a safe working process. Working steps such as duplication, embedding model or casting,

which have a high error potential with the conventional procedure, are now unnecessary. Influences that are difficult to manage, e.g. temperature fluctuations or distortions, that can only be recognized afterwards, are avoided and a new start of the work can be prevented. With LaserMelting we can realize partial frameworks in particularly filigree designs. A higher modulus of elasticity makes spring-hard clasps possible. We also deliver the structures optionally polished.

We are happy to advise and support you in your first design with the tips and tricks collected by our dental technicians. 

If a product does not meet our high quality standards due to material or processing defects, we will of course replace it free of charge.

Crown and bridge in CoCr, titanium and gold LaserMelting

Partial framework / tertiary structure and orthodontics in CoCr and titanium LaserMelting