CADtools customer service and sales team

More profit in the laboratory
thanks to our own brand

We have set ourselves the goal of sustainably increasing the profit of dental laboratories and being able to offer solutions even in challenging times. Out of this intention, the project "own brand CADtools" started in 2019 for our CADdent customers.
The first milestone was set in summer 2020 with the introduction of the CADtools Zirconia.
In order to continue this successfull story and to meet the needs and wishes of our customers, we have added new materials to our portfolio.
After an extensive test phase, we proudly present you our FAB Polymer.

Your advantages:

  • more convenient price per unit

  • wide range of colors and maximum color fastness

  • from the splint to large-scale provisionals with a PMMA brand

Our FAB Polymer is also available as a round blank for you to mill yourself in your laboratory. Talk to us!
Customer service: +49 821 455252-0

The speed of digitization and the associated progress in the materials to be processed have been and will be closely followed by us. The change from analog to digital brings great opportunities, optimizes processes and makes day-to-day work easier. But it also poses challenges for dental laboratories - in the form of high costs for digitization or a certain opacity with an almost infinite number of possibilities.

We have set ourselves the goal of being able to offer you an inexpensive and at the same time extremely high quality PMMA, which covers all the needs of modern dental technology.

Thanks to the cooperation with a well-known manufacturer, the project was successfully implemented. Our own brand CADtools PMMA has been available to order since July 2021.
With the three different PMMA materials (Clear, Mono and Multi), you cover all indications from splints to large-unit temporaries with a high degree of aesthetics and functionality.

You always get the optimal product for your requirements: whether inexpensive or with a highly aesthetic color gradient - the choice is up to you!

This results in an unbeatable package of high quality paired with an attractive price. Convince yourself and test our material. You will be enthusiastic!
We have laid a cornerstone from the vision of “the first point of contact for more added value in dental technology”, which directs action in the company.

Best quality and a fair price-performance ratio combined with transparency and simplicity are the company's principles. These values shape the strengths of CADtools and form your success.

In its day-to-day collaboration, the company focuses on the key issues that make an essential contribution to long-term value creation - both economically and ecologically.

All of these trend-setting guidelines serve one goal: to stand by your side as a long-term and reliable partner.

CADtools was founded in 2018 in order to even better address the special wishes and needs of our target group - dental laboratories from all over Germany and Europe.
With every milled unit, you benefit from the color fastness and the availability of all 16 Vita colors at an unbeatable low price.

If you are currently milling yourself, you will save unnecessary storage costs in the future. Sizes and heights that you rarely use can easily be ordered via CADdent® - already milled. Furthermore, we offer you unique service and unbeatable fair conditions. You can find out more in our CADtools brochure or in a personal conversation with one of our employees.