Highest standard of comfort and hygiene

Modern materials and our precise milling technology enable high stability and best compatibility for bite splints, bleaching splints or even night splints.
We use the right material for each of the different treatment options: comfortable, self-adjusting splints thanks to the thermo-memory effect of FAB MSI FX, extremely resistant and biocompatible splints, also suitable for bleaching, in FAB Polyamide 12 and versatile splints made of FAB PMMA CL.

Schiene aus FAB MSI FX von MINDFAB

If a product does not meet our high quality standards due to material or processing defects, we will of course replace it free of charge.

Custom abutment / abutment screw

Crown and bridge in cobalt-chrome (CoCr) / titanium / zirconia / glass, hybrid ceramics