Customer orientation as a philosophy

We focus on you. As a long-term partner for the protagonists in this world, we tailor our service performances 100 percent to your needs. 
Dental technology is an area that lives from individual solutions. No dentition is like the other, every dentist has his own ideas and every dental technician has his own signature that defines the quality of the laboratory. Customer orientation is therefore our engine, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our daily mission is to work on the quality of our products and services.


The world of dental technology is a world of individual requirements and solutions. Nevertheless - or because of this - time and cost pressures are constant companions of the laboratories. 

As a laboratory service provider, we have therefore committed ourselves from the start to support our customers not only with quality, speed and cost awareness, but also and above all with a pronounced customer focus. Your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we align everything we do 100 percent with it. 

We know that very good performance only becomes excellent through comprehensive, honest service. 

In the following, we briefly outline which - some of them unique - services we offer you.



Time is money: you benefit from an unbeatable price and leave us an additional working day of production time.


  • for all materials (except partial framework / tertiary structure)
  • only by delivery of design file, intraoral scan or model scan

No-one else can hardly promise you something like that! If you choose the OneDay option and send in your data by 9:00 a.m. (LaserMelting / zirconia) or 12:00 a.m. (cobalt-chrome (CoCr) / titanium  milled), your order will be dispatched the same day.

The requirements depending on the product: 

  • LaserMelting (cobalt-chrome (CoCr) / titanium / gold) not grinded
    Single coping / bridge / bar
    Deadline of files Mo.-Fr. by 9:00 a.m.
  • Milling (cobalt-chrome (CoCr) / titanium)
    Single coping / bridge up to 5 units (not on implant)
    Deadline of files Mo.-Fr. by 12:00 a.m.
  • Milling zirconia (Ivoclar translucent + MO / CADtools SHT Color)
    Single coping / bridge up to 3 units
    Deadline of files Mo.-Fr. by 9:00 a.m.

For urgent orders which arrive within the deadline and shall be dispatched the next working day. Prior consultation by phone is required.

For urgent orders which arrive after the deadline and shall be produced the same day. Prior consultation by phone is required.

For urgent orders (except implant models), which arrive after the deadline and shall be produced the same day.
Prior consultation by phone is required.

Insure your work against impression errors and inconveniences with this all-round carefree package: in the event of damage, we will produce the affected structure again.

Goodwill insurance applies in the following cases: 

  • mistake in the impression from your dentist
  • design errors
  • wrong color choice
  • accidental damage in your laboratory, etc.


  • only by delivery of file
  • the design lies within the indication
  • the work is newly commissioned
  • the newly commissioned work is in the same material
  • the goodwill notification takes place within one year, for splints within one month
  • you send us the affected work back

The credit note will be issued as soon as we have the damaged work in our center.
Errors by shipping service providers and special services which have been ordered and carried out without warranty are excluded. Refunds via goodwill insurance are up to max. 3.5% of total net sales possible (sales from delivery of files for the respective financial year).

On the basis of the model you send in, which we scan for you, or on the basis of the transmitted scan data (intraoral scan or model scan), our experienced CAD specialists create your desired design and implement it in the appropriate material.

On request if, for example, structures are not optimized for the production in LaserMelting or 3D-Printing.


Your direct line to us

With the Transfermanager you can send us your orders at lightning speed. Directly from your design computer or any other workstation, without having to log in via the browser. Comfortable, fast and efficient.

Upload Tool

Der Transfermanager für leichteres hochladen der Arbeiten


Our mobile CADdent app

Always transparently informed

With the Service App you can keep an eye on the status of your orders anytime and anywhere - even when you are on the way to the dentist. Simple and straightforward from your mobile phone (Google Android and Apple IOS).

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Would you like something different?

Humans not only live on bread alone and many laboratory colleagues sometimes use their skills for other things than dentures - e.g. jewelry or model making. We also support such "side stages" with our possibilities in rapid prototyping. Feel free to ask us - there are almost endless possibilities!

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping für individuelle Wünsche


Instructions, brochures, data sheets, technical articles, and much more

Your access to more know-how: in the extensive download area you will find safety data sheets and documents from the manufacturers, plus all of our CADdent documents.



Images and texts
for press and
advertising purposes

We are happy to provide our customers and the press with images and texts on our products. Please note our terms of use or contact us directly.

Press material

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