Customized abutments - high-precision fit and maximum aesthetics

We mill custom abutments, directly screwed bridges and bars as well as occlusally screwed works according to your ideas and needs. Our free library supports your designs. Support with construction is also part of our implant technology offering. If you are interested, please contact us to arrange an appointment. 

individuelle Abutments Kobalt-Chrom (CoCr)

You have the choice between different implant manufacturers (e.g. Straumann®, camlog) and the material cobalt-chromium (CoCr) or titanium. In our price list you will find an overview of the systems we work with.
Especially in the field of implant prosthetics, a high level of accuracy and precision is important, which we offer you as experts in this field.
In addition to custom abutments of various implant systems from Straumann, Dentsply Sirona and much more milled from the solid blank, which are compatible with the original implant, you can also get Camlog abutments (systems: Camlog, Conelog, iSy, Medentis ICX and Thommen) from us with the original connection geometry. 

A customized abutment serves as a connection between the dental implant and the visible tooth crown and is also referred to as an cutom implant structure or crown structure. The range of possibilities in the field of these implant-abutment connections is enormous. It ranges from individually milled abutments made of cobalt-chromium (CoCr) or biocompatible titanium, to one-piece screwed bridges and bars made of the same materials, to hybrid abutments made of a titanium base compatible with the system and an aesthetic abutment made of ceramic (zirconia abutment).

The customization of the abutment allows for better soft tissue management support (also known as gum management or gingival management), which prevents the formation of uncomfortable biofilms.

As part of our three-dimensional intelligent implant planning (3DIP), the components of the entire implant process are precisely designed, including the best possible abutment in the respective situation and its spatial position. The design of an abutment carrier ensures that the abutment is properly screwed into the implant. It also prevents the freshly placed implant from being subjected to excessive stress when tightening the abutment screw and increases protection against accidental injury.

In addition to the milling service, which you receive with the precision which you are already used to from our dental frameworks, we provide you with our free library for custom abutments as an additional quality factor. The corresponding scan bodies, additional abutment screws/implant screws and screwdrivers for all scan bodies of the implant systems we offer are also available from us.

Temporary abutments are used, among other things, for an immediate restoration with temporary implants, often also referred to as interim implants or provisional implants. Temporary abutments are also usually used for long-term temporary restorations. After an adequate healing phase, these should
then be replaced by a definitive restoration. A new impression is then necessary for the production of the final customized implant abutment.
These abutments, which are used during the transition period, can also be manufactured using the LaserMelting process in the materials cobalt-chrome (CoCr) or titanium​​​​​​​. The overview in our price list shows which implant systems we use in the area of provisional abutments.

When manufacturing your custom abutments based on the received model, we need the following documents:

  • model (with original desktop analogue)
  • gingival mask
  • occlusion


  • Oral situation or wax-up 

If a product does not meet our high quality standards due to material or processing defects, we will of course replace it free of charge.

Custom abutment / abutment screw

Crown and bridge in cobalt-chrome (CoCr) / titanium / zirconia / glass, hybrid ceramics