Unique worldwide: gold in LaserMelting process

Our self-developed process of LaserMelting in gold for the dental technology makes us the only provider of crowns and bridges in CADgold 84 (Herador S) worldwide. So you can also use the excellent material properties of gold in the digital workflow. 

Unser LaserMelting Gold - CADgold 84
Price of the alloy CADgold 84 (Herador S):     
95,90 € / g
plus 10% processing surcharge:
9,59 €

Price per gramm:

105,49 €


  • Material savings through „digital scraping“

  • Absolutely homogeneous metal structure

  • Filigree designs

  • The process involves little filing

  • Reusable material

  • No storage


   84,2 %


   7,7 %


   5,3 %


   2,4 %

Fe, Ir, Ru     

   < 1,0 %

Our high-gold, light yellow ceramic alloy CADgold 84 (Herador S):

  • is beryllium, cadmium, lead and nickel free
  • is biocompatible since no toxic substances for cells are released
  • offers a very good bond between framework and ceramic
  • is ideal for crowns and 16-unit bridges, telescopic work and bars
  • allows material, cost and weight savings through digital "scraping“

At the beginning of 2019 CADdent was able to present a revolutionary innovation to the professional world: LaserMelting with gold.
The implementation of filigree designs in LaserMelting has been the service that CADdent has been offering laboratories in Germany and abroad for years. Processing gold as the material with its undisputed advantages in the laser melting process has so far only been successful at CADdent. This process was "set up" by CADdent in a development phase of more than 2 years. It was important here that a lot of technical - i.e. practical - knowledge was incorporated.
Thanks to the in-house research and development department, the challenges arising from the material gold were solved and the product

brought to market maturity.
The advantages of the dental LaserMelting process are supplemented with gold by a few points: the high gold alloy CADgold 84 fulfills the best physical conditions for the manufacturing process. But we are working on manufacturing processes for other alloys. Cavities, as they occur with conventional alloys for analog use, are completely avoided here. This opens up a wide range of application and design options for dental technology. With CADdent, expensive storage of gold is no longer necessary.
Gold lasering also has an advantage over gold milling, which is already common in the dental industry: for example, "scraping" - digitally reducing volume - saves cost-intensive material.

Inlay / Onlay / Veneer
Bridge up to 16 units
Primary telescopic
Secondary telescopic

If a product does not meet our high quality standards due to material or processing defects, we will of course replace it free of charge.

Crown and bridge in CoCr, titanium and gold LaserMelting

Partial framework / tertiary structure and orthodontics in CoCr and titanium LaserMelting