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More added value with CADdent

CAD / CAM dental technology: the most economically reasonable variant 

Few occupational fields offer such a clear example of the transition from manual to digital work as that of dental technology.

With CADdent this transition can be handled very individually - no matter how far your laboratory has advanced into the digital age. Cooperation with CADdent can begin at exactly the foot step that best suits your way of working. Regardless of whether you send us finished design data or a hand-made plaster model, we will make it a precise product in any case. This way you can take your personal path to digital dental technology in a relaxed and professional manner. With all the advantages that cooperation with CADdent offers: the latest technology, no hardware investments, in-depth training, the best service, and much more.

Dental technicians are craftsmen - but also artists.

With us as a partner, you can concentrate on exactly what you do best and what creates the greatest added value: aesthetic, technically sophisticated prosthetics.

The digital dental technology achieved with CADdent also influences the quality of the overall package that a laboratory can offer its dentists. Because dental practices are increasingly relying on digital equipment - be it in the form of intraoral scanners or simulation programs with which they can realistically present the new look to their patients before the treatment begins.

Through the partnership with CADdent laboratories can actively use this development and, in addition to precise prosthetics, also pass on intelligent implant planning and detailed documentation to their dentists.

CAD / CAM in dental technology leads laboratories to a new quality of their services through optimized work processes, more precise prosthetics and the use of innovative materials that were not possible in previous processes. With the introduction into digital dental technology laboratories lay the most important foundation stone for their development in the coming years.

The workflow in digital dental technology has four main steps: scan data - 3D design - transmission of the data to production - production in the milling center, in LaserMelting or in 3D printing.
It starts with precise scan data. These occur during the conventional start as follows: the laboratory produces a conventional plaster model from the impression of the denture.

Then the 1st possibility follows analog: This model is sent to CADdent, scanned there and the 3D construction created. The respective product is then manufactured using the milling, LaserMelting or 3D printing process. After production, the prosthetics are elaborated and adapted, if desired, so that the complete work, including the model sent in, goes back to the laboratory.

2nd possibility - digital: the laboratory scans the plaster model with its own scanner, designs the product, sends the data to CADdent, where the production takes place. Or the laboratory sends the scan data to CADdent, where the product is designed and manufactured. If the laboratory receives intraoral scans from the practitioner, the options are the same - construction in the laboratory, production at CADdent or construction and production at CADdent. No matter how digitally equipped and prepared the dental laboratory is, with CADdent our collaboration can begin at any foot step. Whether model, scan data or finished construction - CADdent complements the service as required by the laboratory.

Some laboratories have invested in their own milling machine or plan to do so. Most of these conventional milling machines can only process soft materials such as wax or zirconia. In this case, CADdent offers the possibility to purchase the zirconia, which is produced in cooperation with the associate company MINDFAB, at top conditions. The advantage lies in the reduced inventory, which can be very complex due to the variety of materials used for zirconium oxides. As a partner laboratory, you only have to keep in stock the zirconia types which you mainly mill. All other zirconia can be obtained from CADdent in the usual quality, at reasonable prices and with the fastest delivery. A competitive advantage, because in this way you have various materials milled in all sizes and colors or as a blank within 24 hours on your workbench.

The same applies here: CADdent makes every form of cooperation possible. Above all, CADdent offers a high-performance milling center which processes all materials into precise frameworks, crowns, bridges, etc. 

Digitization with CADdent creates more profit because the less lucrative products and processes are outsourced.
The laboratory can concentrate on interesting projects such as veneers, large bridges or implant restorations. Because finishing processes are the area in the laboratory which is economically interesting and also offers the laboratory the best opportunities to distinguish itself as a partner with aesthetic standards and perfect craftsmanship.


CADdent helps
to reduce
fixed costs

Why buy a cow when you just want a glass of milk?
In-house dental milling or 3D printing systems mean high investments that have long-term effects as fixed costs for acquisition / depreciation or leasing rates. There are also material storage, maintenance, repair, energy costs and training. CADdent enables the immediate, comprehensive use of the latest CAD / CAM dental technology - to the extent that you need and exactly when you need it. 

efficiency and
added value

The laser, milling and 3D printing center at CADdent as an extended workbench, i.e. as contract manufacturer, enables laboratories to concentrate on their real strengths again: creating customized, high-quality prosthetics with their own signature. Work steps that are time-consuming or require personnel that can hardly be found are outsourced to CADdent. The result: your working time is used more efficiently because it flows into high-quality, appropriately remunerated products.

All options
are available
for you

Technical developments in connection with the different personal preferences of the practitioners require an ever wider range of available materials; own production equipment also requires laboratories to keep these - usually expensive - branded materials available.
CADdent is a partner who can always offer this variety in the most current versions, due to high production quantities.
A competitive advantage that costs you nothing.


Forschung und Entwicklung bei CADdent

Research and Development at CADdent

Our innovative strength - your added value

Our striving for more efficiency, quality and customer orientation almost inevitably led us to anchor dental technology in the digital age with CADdent. Together with software and mechanical engineers, we developed the technology in CAD dental technology that met our demands for precision and speed. It also enables the use of materials which cannot be processed using conventional dental technology. In the end, our innovations will benefit you.


Powerful technology, optimized processes

Best results overnight

The latest generation of CAD / CAM technology is present in all work steps. The digital workflow begins with data transfer or model scanning and then follows a highly precise, largely automated process. Extremely powerful LaserMelting, milling and 3D printing systems manufacture the basis of the ordered products, further processing according to customer specifications takes place in specialized departments up to quality control. Exact timing, optimized processes and wide working hours allow high capacities and delivery dates within 24 hours. On-time delivery guaranteed
The CADdent promise is clear: long deadlines for your files, weekend and holiday production, as well as additional services sometimes guarantee deliveries within 24 hours. Fast and flexible: just as dental technicians need it!

24 Stunden Fertigung in der CAD / CAM-Zahntechnik


MINDFAB as laboratory partner

About us

With the founding of CADtools in 2018, we set ourselves the goal of sustainably increasing the profit of dental laboratories and being able to offer solutions even in challenging times. Based on the new developments in medical manufacturing, we have grown beyond our own brand CADtools and have renamed the partner company MINDFAB.

With CAD/CAM materials, machines, tool sets and consumables, we help dental laboratories to optimize their value chain.

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Zirkonrohlinge von MINDFAB


DLyte Desktop im Dentallabor

Polishing on a new level

With the DLyte polishing machines from GPAINNOVA

Since 2021, MINDFAB has been the exclusive sales and development partner for the pioneering DLyte polishing machines from the Spanish technology company GPAINNOVA.

With selected polishing machines for dental technology, we offer you the most advanced polishing systems on the market - as a component of your quality assurance, to increase productivity and for the efficient use of your most valuable resources: the time and health of your employees. At the same time, you also reduce the ecological footprint of your laboratory.

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