Polishing machines from MINDFAB partner GPAINNOVA
– results as if polished by hand!

In everyday laboratory work, dental technicians are confronted with many challenges every day. At CADdent®, we have made it our goal to support dental laboratories in mastering these challenges. With GPAINNOVA as a new partner, we can offer you new forms of support.

DLyte Desktop im Dentallabor

Challenges when polishing in everyday dental laboratory work

The grinding and polishing of dental frameworks is a time-consuming, monotonous and uncomfortable task.
Due to the lack of ergonomics at laboratory workplaces, it also repeatedly brings with it health problems such as tension and the associated headaches.
It is not uncommon for tendon sheath inflammation to be an issue. If they become chronic, it can certainly happen that employees drop out or can no longer be employed in this area. 

Relief and efficiency through automated polishing processes

Since CADdent® emerged from a dental laboratory, we know these challenges too well and have worked intensively on developing a solution. 

For several years now, we have been testing CADdent® polishing machines from the Spanish technology innovator GPAINNOVA and are therefore involved in the further development of these machines. The results have convinced you - our customers - as much as us. At the beginning of this year we entered into a cooperation with GPAINNOVA (with our own brand MINDFAB). 

With the use of GPAINNOVA polishing machines you can physically relieve your employees. In addition, the polishing machines offer you - thanks to time savings of up to 60% - the freedom to concentrate on the tasks that increase the added value in your laboratory in the future. Thanks to an automated process, operation is extremely easy - the systems do not have to be monitored. You can clamp dental frameworks, start the polishing process and then (for example) go home. The next morning, continue working with your finished, polished framework.


GPAINNOVA is a Spanish technology company founded in 2013 with offices in Barcelona, Miami, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Its core competence lies in the manufacture of machines for the surface treatment of metal frameworks and medical devices.

What is DLyte?

The DLyte systems automate the polishing of metal frameworks for the dental sector. The basis for this is a patented dry electropolishing process. CADdent® has been working with the DLyte systems from GPAINNOVA since 2017. These have now been included in the product portfolio of MINDFAB. MINDFAB takes over sales in Germany and offers customers training and technical support - for a more than satisfactory customer experience at all times.

What kind of dental work can be polished with DLyte devices?

You can use GPAINNOVA DLyte devices to finish surfaces of fixed, implant and removable dentures made of cobalt-chromium (CoCr) and titanium

The DLyte system takes care of three steps for you:

  • Removal of micro-roughness by polishing

  • Electrolytic bath - cleaning and generating metallic shine

  • Final gloss polishing - for a lustrous finish

This dry electropolishing process offers several advantages:

  • as usual for CAD / CAM processes as a quality standard, tolerances are adhered to - you benefit from reliably consistent quality

  • the structure fully retains its original shape

  • you achieve an even, mirror-shining result

The right surface treatment also improves the corrosion resistance of the framework and thus also the biocompatibility of the material.

The right system for every laboratory

The DLyte devices are available in different versions. With the smallest machine (DLyte1), one framework can be finished for each polishing process. The medium-sized DLyte10 polishes three frameworks per operation, while the largest machine (DLyte100) polishes up to nine frameworks at once.
The machines are available in the basic version, which only allows cobalt-chromium frameworks, versions that are only designed for titanium and versions that allow both materials.

So you have the option of configuring your polishing machine according to your requirements - depending on the size and material range of your laboratory.

New: DLyte Desktop

With the DLyte Desktop, GPAINNOVA presented another innovative solution for laboratories in June 2021. This high-tech machine is available in two different versions. On the one hand the standard machine type DLyte Desktop Pro with the software package for three different materials - cobalt-chromium (CoCr), stainless steel and titanium -], as well as the cheaper special machine type for the dental market, the DLyte Desktop Dental with the software package exclusively for cobalt-chromium (CoCr ). Both types are suitable for up to five workpieces per day.

In addition, we now offer you attractive leasing conditions for all DLyte machines if required.

Of course, you still have the option of having your digital partial dentures manufactured by CADdent® using the LaserMelting process and polished by us. Whether and to what extent an investment in a DLyte polishing machine is profitable is a case-by-case decision. Do you have any questions or need more information? Our experts will be happy to help you here as well.