5 decades of experience

The consistent development of a company

In 1965 the dental laboratory Labor Rager was founded by master dental technician Richard Rager in Augsburg. Exactly 20 years later - in 1985 - master dental technician Roland Rager joined the management and was one of the firsts thinking about using innovative digital technology.

In 1996, the Labor Rager became one of six test laboratories for CAD / CAM technology and has consistently developed this technological approach ever since.
CADdent was founded in 2009 to meet the special needs of our target group - dental laboratories from all over Germany and Europe.

In the same year, CADdent was one of the first owner-managed companies to offer products in the field of SLM processes (LaserMelting). A year later, the first partial framework was made using the SLM process.
The sales locations CADdent France (2014) and CADdent Italia (2017) were founded to meet the special requirements of colleagues in France and Italy.

The absolute milestone of our drive for innovation was set in January 2019 with the LaserMelting Gold revolution.

1996 First milling machine
2009 First laser system
2014 Foundation
of CADdent France
2017 Foundation
of CADdent Italia
2017 Relocation to a new
company building
LaserMelting GOLD
2019 Automation
Manufacturing milling
2020 New brand Appearance
2020 Own material
FAB Zirconia


Roots in the dental laboratory

Customer proximity is a promise, which we can easily keep. We are not only aware of the needs, possibilities and challenges of our customers, but also very close to them, because we have one thing in common: dental technology. The roots of our dental laboratory are located here. 
In our Laboratory Rager, which still belongs to the group of companies, we experience every day what demands are placed on our work, what works well, what is needed and where we can optimize. We know how dentists work and what high expectations they place on their laboratories and technicians in terms of scheduling and quality. And that's where we make the difference for your daily work. 


The Labor Rager is characterized by over 5 decades of experience. These can also be felt at CADdent GmbH


Exklusiver Partner in der Zahntechnik

B2B service provider and pure supplier

Your exclusive laboratory partner

Long-term customer relationships are our claim - which we only live up to, because our customers experience us as an exclusive partner. We are a supplier for dental technology, an outsourced manufacturer and a partner service provider for laboratories. We are an exclusive partner in dental technology.


Bildung und Ausbildung unserer zukünftigen Zahntechniker

Located in Germany

Quality through education and training

All CADdent structures are manufactured in Augsburg. And it stays that way because we stand by our location in Germany. Why? Because we have our roots here. Because we find excellent employees here. Because Germany is a role model in terms of training worldwide and because we always receive feedback from our customers in other European countries, where they value our quality MADE IN GERMANY. In order to ensure this continuity, we also train dental technicians.


Sustainability concerns
us all

Complex ideas today for tomorrow

We live sustainability. Every day. Our own solar system combined with a heat pump covers our energy needs. We use environmentally friendly packaging material. Our packaging boxes are ecological due to repeated reuse. We rely on recycling and resource-saving manufacturing processes. 
The human side is also part of this: through training apprentices, working conditions that ensure a satisfied working atmosphere and through training of our employees.

Corporate responsibility at CADdent with resource-saving shipping boxes