CAMLOG - one of the leading dental implantology providers in Germany

Company history

In 1988 Eberle Medizintechnik was founded, which specialized in the manufacture of dental implants. With the takeover of Dr. Axel Kirsch, the company is successfully continued in 1995 under the name Altatec Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG.
Another milestone came in 2004 with the establishment of CAMLOG Biotechnologies AG in Basel in order to adapt to global market requirements. Due to the strategic distribution of tasks, the Wimsheim location takes on the support of the German market as CAMLOG Vertriebs GmbH.
In just a few years, the company CAMLOG has achieved a significant market position in Germany with the implant systems CAMLOG, CONELOG, iSy and BioHorizons.

What is Camlog?

Camlog is one of the market-leading implant systems for the supply of dentures in the form of dental implants and abutments.

The Camlog offer is divided into two implant systems, SCREW-LINE and PROGRESSIVE-LINE, which are equipped with Camlog's patented Tube-in-Tube connection.

Camlog Abutment

Special feature of the Camlog implant system

Promote surface:
The external threads have a coated surface made of titanium plasma.
The so-called promote surface of the Camlog implant is a blasted and simultaneously acid-etched surface, which guarantees healing times in the bone of up to six weeks.

By machining the Camlog implants, tolerances can be kept very low, resulting in excellent accuracy of fit.

Tube-in-tube principle:
With the three interlocking grooves and cam lobes, this creates a very precise, stable and rotationally secured implant-abutment connection. The long-term success is scientifically documented and guaranteed.

What can the implant be used for?

The Camlog implants are suitable for all restorations that are carried on implants - including cemented crown and bridge constructions,
as well as implant-supported full dentures or telescopic restorations.

Advantages of the Camlog abutments

  • All prosthetic components including auxiliary parts are secured

  • Complete coverage of the new prosthetic restoration in the event of loss of function

  • Original abutment systems

  • Highly precise fit

Additional Information

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