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LaserMelting / Milling / 3D Printing

Send us your design data through our home page.

Yes, please send us your design file. We manufacture your work using the LaserMelting process in cobalt chrome (CoCr) / titanium or mill it for you in PEEK.

We produce works in titanium using the LaserMelting and milling process. You can find all information in our service overview or in the

respective category on the website.


The alloy has a gold content of 84.2%.

Please only use high-melting ceramics. Pay attention to the CTE value: this is 14.2 for our gold alloy: Veneering ceramics such as Kulzer HeraCeram or Dentaurum Ceramotion are suitable for this CTE value.

We only recommend primary telescopes in LaserMelting gold method.

The material receives a heat treatment after the building process. The oxide firing must be carried out by you before the veneering and is absolutely necessary.

We need a SEPA direct debit mandate from you, as we will charge the orders 5 days after the delivery date.

With the LaserMelting process there are no limits. We can make any kind of prototypes or pieces of jewelry.


We offer you an enormous variety of high-quality zirconia. Our portfolio includes various manufacturers in order to be able to offer you the broadest possible range at attractive prices. So you can get the right material for every situation - according to your wishes and requirements.
Our dental technicians will be happy to advise you on suitable solutions.

Ivoclar only offers some of the 16 Vita shades. We can cover the rest of the colors with our MINDFAB material.

We offer Ivoclar IPS e.max ® ZirCAD MO (medium opacity) in shades BL 1-4. For Ivoclar IPS e.max® ZirCAD LT we offer BL 1-3.

There are numerous zirconias for anterior / posterior teeth, depending on the aesthetic, medical and price expectations of the practitioner and patient.. 
We would be happy to work with you to find the right material.
For example, Ivoclar IPS e.max® ZirCAD Prime and FAB Zirconia 3D are the ideal products for bruxers to protect the antagonist, as they are softer and more antagonist-friendly in the incisal area.
To increase the stability of a bridge, for bruxers, zirconias with a high flexural strength (1150 - 1250 MPa) such as FAB Zirconia ST or Ivoclar IPS e.max® ZirCAD LT / MO are particularly suitable.

We offer you various, high-quality plastics for your individual requirements.

For single copings / bridges up to 16 units:
Vita CAD-Temp® multiColor, Idodentine PMMA and PEEK

For splints you have the choice between translucent (crystal clear and colored) and tooth-colored plastics:
CADdent® PMMA (unlimited oral resistance), Zirkonzahn® Temp Premium Flexible, Dentona® optimill memosplint 

All of our milled plastics and some others (such as PEEK) are mouth-resistant.

All abutments we offer are individually milled from solid and are therefore very close to the original - almost identical. You can find the specific

selection in our service overview.

Our offer only includes custom milled or laser-melted abutments. You can find the specific selection in our service overview. !!!!!

We would be happy to make a partial framework in PEEK for you.

You can download the parameter recommendation in the product category or we will send it to you.

Basically, any material is suitable for snoreguards. Depending on the situation, we recommend the Memosplint material, as this is very flexible and can

hold the teeth wider.

The CADdent PMMA splint is suitable in this case.

3D Printing

Our 3D printed models made of plastic resin (PLA) or corn starch (filament) support you in planning. In order to keep our quality standards, we

currently do not offer you printed splints. The plastic available meets the highest standards, but is not certified for oral resistance.
If you have any questions about the properties of our plastics such as oral resistance, flexibility, etc., we will be happy to advise you.

We can also order the model analogs for you. However, this usually increases the processing time.

The systems are identical to our abutment library. You can see this from the overview of the available implant systems.

We manufacture partial frameworks and prosthetics that you can use as casting molds.


The company / Contact

You can reach our customer service Monday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

by phone at +49 821 5999965-0 or by email at

CADdent is also available for you on German non-national public holidays. On December 24th and December 31st we are on company vacation.

Design files received within the deadline are usually sent the next day (with the exception of special products). For model delivery,

we need 3 - 4 working days, depending on the capacity and type of work. For more information, please contact our customer service.

Mo. - Th. 6 p.m.
Fr. 3:30 p.m.
Sa. 12 a.m.

Mo. – Do. 4 p.m.
Fr. 2 p.m.
Sa. (except CoCr/ titanium) 11 a.m.

3D Printing
Mo. – Do. 4 p.m.
Fr. 2 p.m.

For more information on individual products, please refer to our Production time.

The place of manufacture is in Augsburg.

You can reach us by public transportation from the city center: Tram 3 direction Stadtbergen to the Pfersee stop and from there bus 42 towards

Maria Stern (stop: General-Cramer-Weg). Or by bus 35 in the direction of Pfersee Süd to the Pfersee Süd stop.

By car - along the B17 state road, exit for Pfersee Süd /Leitershofen. At the roundabout take the exit Sheridanpark.

Turn left in Max-Josef-Metzger-Straße.
You find us on the right side.
Max-Josef-Metzger-Str. 6
86157 Augsburg


Of course, customer parking spaces are available on site.

We regularly offer you events. There are also tours of our company there. (Individual tours on request).

We offer you different events on site.

Our Services

We are happy to help you with tips and tricks. Please contact our customer service and we will put you through to one of our technicians or arrange

a call back as soon as possible. We would be happy to design your desired restauration for you - simply choose our Scan and Design Service. 

Your work leaves our company on the same day if certain preconditions are met: if you choose the OneDay option and your data is sent in

at least by 9 a.m. (LaserMelting / zirconia) or 12 a.m. (cobalt-chrome (CoCr) / titanium milled) your order will be dispatched the same day.

The requirements depending on the product: 

  - LaserMelting (cobalt-chrome (CoCr) / titanium / gold) not grinded
Single coping / bridge / bar
Deadline of files Mo. – Fr. by 09:00 a.m.
  - Milling (cobalt-chrome (CoCr) / titanium )
Single coping / bridge up to 5 units (not on implant)
Deadline of files Mo. – Fr. by 12:00 a.m.
  -  Milling of zirconia (Ivoclar translucent + MO / FAB Zirconia ST)
Single coping / bridge up to 3 units
Deadline of files Mo. – Fr. by 09:00 a.m.

With OneDay the orders are sent on the same day.

If you choose our Express Service, the orders with an urgent deadline (in milling technology) will be produced for you after the data deadline. In case of partial framework, the work is already dispatched the next working day.

With our all-round carefree package, you are protected against misprints and damage. In the worst case we will re-produce the insured work for you.
The credit will be issued as soon as we have the damaged work in our house.
Delivery errors by shipping service providers and special services that were ordered and carried out without warranty are excluded.

Refunds through the goodwill insurance are possible up to max. 3.5% of the total net sales (sales from file delivered orders of the respective fiscal year).

The goodwill insurance applies if you selected this option at the moment of placing your order and this corresponds to our parameter indications.

You can see whether you have chosen this service on the delivery note. We will first produce new for you at a charge - then you send us the work

to be replaced and you will receive a credit note.

10 years:     custom abutment / abutment screw
  5 years:     crown and bridge in CoCr, titanium and gold LaserMelting
  2 years:     partial framework / tertiary structure and orthodontics in CoCr and titanium LaserMelting

If you have any complaint, please contact our customer service so that we can find together a quick and flexible solution for you.
We will produce new for you as soon as possible.


  • DHL End of the day until 6 p.m.
  • DHL until 1 p.m. (only for particular areas, please contact us to know if this service is available in your city)

We work together with UPS, DHL and TNT.

No, unfortunately shipments abroad can not be insured. In case of delays, please contact our customer service immediately.

We will be glad to help you and find a solution.

We send normally to all EFTA (European Free Trade Association) nations and outside the EU.

You can use your tracking number to track your shipment on the DHL homepage. You will receive the number from us via email.

You can also find shipment tracking in the CADdent app and on the website under order history - you can track almost all shipping

service providers here.

To protect the environment, we have decided to work with reusable shipping containers. You are welcome to send them back to us. We could also plan a pick-up service starting from a quantity of 100/150 boxes.
We would like to thank you with a credit of 20 cents per container - it doesn't matter whether small or large.

Together for more sustainability in the dental world.


You can also send your orders to us without registering.

Right mouse button on the file then select "Send to" - "ZIP - compressed folder"

Simply zip the files and send them to us. We need stl. files and additionally, depending on the scanner software, the .dentalproject file (with Exocad System) or the .3ox file (with 3Shape).


A change of material and color is unfortunately no longer possible after planning.
Changes to the shipping or delivery time are possible on request, please contact our customer service.

After consultation by telephone, we can put the order into production on the same day with the Express Service.

As long as your work has not gone into production yet, you can cancel it through our customer service.

Contact our customer service. We are here to help you!

The email may have ended up in your spam folder. If this is not the case, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our in-house IT specialists will find a solution.

Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. We will try to find a solution. Please feel free to contact our customer service.

You can track the status of your order on our homepage or in the CADdent-App under order history.

Forms / Documents

You will receive the delivery notes paper-free and environmentally friendly as a PDF file by email.

Sie erhalten von uns eine Konformitätserklärung mit allen wichtigen Daten. Diese enthält keine Patientennamen, ist aber über die Auftragsnummer zuordenbar. Gerne können Sie uns Ihr Logo zusenden und wir implementieren dies individuell für Sie im Formular.
Zudem erhalten Sie vorab per E-Mail einen Lieferschein mit Patientennamen. 

The declaration of conformity contains information on the manufacturer, material and type of order. You get this with every job.

You can find the safety data sheets for the materials we use on our homepage under Download area. You are also welcome to contact our

customer service and we will send you the required documents.


Yes, we manufacture rapid prototypes for both business and private customers.

The individual prices are displayed directly online during the material selection of the order page after you have uploaded your 3D object. Our order page determines and generates the costs automatically based on the geometric dimensions, volume and surface of your virtual data set. Depending on the x-, y- and z-dimensions of your component, which derives its space requirement in the production line, the machine operating costs can be calculated. While the material costs depend on the volume, the expenses for grinding or polishing metallic components result from the surface of your 3D object.

Depending on the material, different maximum component sizes can be manufactured. After you have uploaded your 3D object to the Rapid Prototyping order page, you will see in the material overview which materials your component can be made of. If your component is too large for a material, "not producible" appears instead of the price, including an info button with the maximum possible production sizes. You will find further design information on the info button directly next to the material designation.

Compared to zirconia, aluminium oxide has slightly lower fracture strength and a higher thermal conductivity. In addition, aluminium oxide is harder and much lighter than zirconia due to its lower density. Further, aluminium oxide is easier and more precise to manufacture in the lithography-based ceramic manufacturing, which means that thinner wall thicknesses or cannulations can also be implemented. Furthermore, aluminium oxide is cheaper than zirconia. You can find more information here.


We work with the 3Shape and ExoCad systems and are happy to advise you on these.

We are an independent laser and milling center. We are not a reseller of 3Shape or Exocad.

Since we are not a reseller, we do not sell licenses.

As we are not a reseller, we do not sell scanners. Call us and we will be happy to help you choose your scanner.

Yes, you can make an appointment on site.

As a thank you for your recommendation, you will receive 4 units of LaserMelting Cobalt-Chrome (CoCr) - not polished - free of charge.

Offsetting with current orders takes place within 6 months. Cash payment is not possible.

Yes, you are welcome to request test samples for your practitioner / patient from our customer service, e.g. to test for allergies.

We offer special materials for allergy sufferers. Talk to us about it.