Highest aesthetics and natural chewing sensation

Our branded materials Ivoclar IPS e.max® CAD (lithium disilicate glass ceramics), VITA VITABLOCS® TriLuxe(leucite ceramics) and 3M Lava Ultimate (resin nanoceramics)

  • have very high aesthetics

  • are particularly antagonist-friendly

  • are ideal in particular for inlays, onlays and veneers

Glas-Hybridkeramik ein beispielhaftes Ausgangsmaterial
Lithium disilicate
Leucite ceramics
Resin nano-ceramics
Inlay / Onlay / Veneer
Bridge up to 3 units
Primary telescopic
Secondary telescopic

If a product does not meet our high quality standards due to material or processing defects, we will of course replace it free of charge.

Custom abutment / abutment screw

Crown and bridge in cobalt-chrome (CoCr) / titanium / zirconia / glass, hybrid ceramics