VOCO Grandio disc multicolor: A milestone in composite material technology

In the constant evolution of the dental technology, we are continuously working to improve our offerings and meet the needs of our customers. With the introduction of VOCO Grandio disc multicolor, we are entering a new chapter in dental technology. Let us tell you more about this product and why it could represent the future of composite materials.

Introduction to the world of composite materials

In the world of dental technology, where trust and precision are crucial, CADdent has taken another step into the future. Today, we would like to introduce you to an innovation in a class of materials which, in our opinion, has unjustly eked out a shadowy existence: composite materials. These composite materials consist of a plastic mass in which small ceramic particles are embedded.

Advantages of composite materials

The special combination of these components gives composite materials an elasticity very similar to that of a natural tooth - unlike metals or ceramics. This makes them particularly antagonist-friendly and provides a tooth-like chewing sensation. In addition, composites do not require sintering like zirconia and do not need to be veneered like metals because they are already tooth-colored. This makes the workflow significantly shorter and easier.

Elimination of common misconceptions and reservations

Despite the numerous advantages of this class of materials, there have been some hurdles, such as the comparatively lower strength; the low esthetics compared to zirconia or lithium (di)silicate; and the fears of some patients of having "plastics in their mouths" with permanent restorations. The last reason is difficult to understand, considering that third teeth are always made of "plastics" and every high-quality filling with co-payment placed by dentists is made of composite. That is, they are made of both ceramic and plastic, or colloquially, "plastics".

Voco Kompositmaterial bei CADdent

VOCO Grandio disc multicolor: One step ahead

We are proud to offer you VOCO Grandio disc multicolor, the latest development in the composite field. This nanoceramic hybrid material stands out from the usual composite materials due to the highest flexural strength in its class (333 MPa). Indicative limitations encountered with previous products are now a thing of the past. It is particularly suitable for thin-walled restorations such as veneers as well as for single crowns or implant-supported crowns.

Focus on esthetics and processing

At 86% by mass, VOCO Grandio disc multicolor has the highest ceramic filler content of all composites. This results in tooth-like hardness and impressive polishing behavior. Aesthetically, it can even compete with all-ceramics thanks to its color gradient with "invisible layer technology", creating an impressive "chameleon effect". Thanks to these advanced properties, monochrome composites could soon be a thing of the past.

All common light-curing customization shades can be used for finalizing the VOCO Grandio disc multicolor. However, it is important to finally cover these shades with a (transparent) composite, since the individualization shades have only a low abrasion resistance.

If you are not yet familiar with composite materials, we recommend that you consult the processing instructions on our website.

Transparent offer with conviction

We offer VOCO Grandio disc multicolor in the shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1 and C2 at a price of € 53.99 per unit. This allows us to maintain the price of our previous composite material, although we now offer a superior product in many respects - and 100% Made in Germany.

Our goal is to support you and ensure that you are satisfied with your choice. If you have any questions or concerns, our team is always available to help.