VITABLOCS® TriLuxe forte – versatile feldspar ceramics

Who still knows their way around the dental material jungle? There are many materials on the dental market that promise natural aesthetics, but do they keep it? We have taken a closer look at the polychrome material TriLuxe forte from VITABLOCS® for you.

Let's start with the indications of the polychrome feldspar ceramic. One of the most important properties of VITABLOCS® TriLuxe forte is its low flexural strength. Thanks to this, the material can be used in many ways, even though it is used for single tooth restoration. 

Basically, it is possible to implement any type of single tooth restoration with TriLuxe. Whether full crowns, inlays, onlays or veneers. As far as feasibility is concerned, there are hardly any limits to your imagination in the anterior region.

But does every type of restoration with VITABLOCS® TriLuxe forte make sense?

Of course, the customer is king, but we would advise against using TriLuxe for single tooth restorations with discolored stumps or on metal abutments

The high translucency of the polychrome material lets the color shimmer through and thus leads to a result with which the patient should be anything but satisfied.

Since the material is designed for single tooth restorations, it is sold by VITA in blocks that do not allow bridges. Particularly small anterior bridges could possibly be milled, but VITA rules out and we also advise against it, as the material is too unstable for this kind of structures. The same applies to copings. The material is also unsuitable for this because of its poor stability. 

Despite its advantages, VITABLOCS® TriLuxe forte is largely unknown

One of the numerous advantages of TriLuxe forte is the natural color gradient that the block has. Contrary to what the name of the
CAD / CAM material suggests, the colour gradient is not divided into three, but four layers. There is only a slight difference in colour from the enamel to the neck layer. In contrast, the chroma in the lower dentin or neck area is emphasized particularly intensely. Colour gradient and high transparency make the material the choice for aesthetically demanding work, especially in the anterior region. In addition, reworking is very easy. Even without glaze firing, the frameworks can easily be made to shine by simply polishing. 

As you may know from IPS e.max CAD , VITABLOCS® TriLuxe forte is also not milled, but wet ground. For further steps there are sets for dry post-processing. However, VITA itself recommends wet post-processing. In any case, we recommend proceeding cautiously and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

When inserting the work, the dentist should note that TriLuxe is a material with very low flexural strength and that it must therefore be used with adhesive.


VITABLOCS® TriLuxe forte comes very close to natural tooth enamel in terms of its material properties and is therefore very antagonist-friendly in addition to its natural aesthetics. Since it yields very easily, there are no problems with breaks or chipping when used correctly. At the same time, the material is easily etched due to its antagonist friendliness and therefore does not have a long service life. Our recommendation is therefore primarily to use VITABLOCS® TriLuxe forte for veneers. Thanks to the low cost of reworking, the material is also very economical in addition to its high aesthetics. 

1M2C, 2M2C, 3M2C, A1-D4, A1C, A2C, A3C und A3,5C

1M2 (A1), 2M2 (A2), 3M2 (A3)
















Share in % by weight      56 – 64       20 - 23      6 – 9       6 – 8        0,3 – 0,6     0,0 - 0,1

Chemical elements (oxides) that are contained in very low concentrations and that are required for coloring, for example, are not listed.



Unit of measurement  




CDT (25–500°C) 

10-6 · K-1         

9,4 ± 0,1 * 

 g / cm3 

2,4 ± 0,5 * 

Flexural strength (Schwickerath) (ISO 6872)    


136 ± 20 
Transformation area


780 - 790 * 

*Source: VITABLOCS® TriLuxe forte instructions for use