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with distinction

In mid-April this year, we were awarded the "Innovative through Research" seal by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. We are particularly pleased about this seal because innovation, research and development in the field of new technologies have been at the forefront of our business activities since the company was founded and are now firmly anchored in our company philosophy.

As a master dental technician, founder, owner and managing director Roland Rager has a good feeling for the requirements of the dental industry and works with foresight. Employees' ideas were listened to right from the start, and the commitment and passion with which these innovative ideas were pursued was supported with time and budget for testing and further development.

Success proves him right. CADdent employees produced the first digital partial framework (RPD) more than 10 years ago and CADdent was and is a pioneer on the market with the LaserMelting Gold Revolution.

From inventors to a professional research and development department

What started with a "hands-on" mentality of dental technicians racking their own brains and has developed into a think-tank over the years was professionalized in March 2020 with the establishment of its own research and development department. Today it consists of several employees - with different professional competences and many years of development experience in the field of dental technology as well as additive and subtractive manufacturing technology. The know-how in the field of research and development is rounded off by comprehensive knowledge of environmental and process engineering.

In addition to the existing team, project-related dental technician colleagues or programmers from our in-house IT department are involved in development processes.

We are proud of our role as a driver of innovation in the dental industry and we enjoy working on new concepts, manufacturing processes and products, which is why our R&D department will continue to grow and be expanded with various competencies.

Successful cooperation with colleges, universities and institutes

Even in heterogeneous teams, so-called operational blindness sets in over the years. That is the reason why companies need “glasses”. In order to counteract this, to open our eyes and always keep up-to-date, we work together with various faculties of the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and the Aalen University of Applied Sciences in the area of research and development. We are also in close contact with other colleges, universities and other institutes and regularly award bachelor and master theses.

Discover potential for improvement and further develop innovative ideas

As you can imagine, describing an R&D process is almost impossible. No two projects are the same and most projects are open-ended.

Especially in research, individual activities and their scope depend on previous or resulting findings. Smaller development projects arise from industry-independent problems, potential for improvement or from a specific demand.

Since CADdent originated from the dental laboratory Rager and is still very closely connected with it today, problems, for example, are handed over directly from the dental laboratory Rager to CADdent's R&D department, and solutions are designed, developed and tested in the interest of dental laboratories.

At the moment, various major projects are being managed in our think-tank, including 3D ceramic printing, on which we recently reported. At the same time, several smaller projects and product developments are being worked on. For example, our experts are developing a holding system in order to be able to rework, in addition to our partial framework (RPD), also crowns and bridges made using LaserMelting with the DLyte polishing machine.

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The work of CADdent's R&D department looks beyond the dental industry, researches industry-independent basics and develops solutions to a wide variety of problems. Above all, additive manufacturing gives us almost unlimited possibilities to produce prototypes in rapid prototyping from various metals, ceramics or plastics and to further develop them through design or production optimization.

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