Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dentale Technologie e.V. (ADT) in Nürtingen 2022
– a recap by Klara Kuru

Klara Kuru - Recap ADT

Getting to know customers personally, meeting old colleagues again, collecting a lot of input for the future development of the dental industry - trade fairs and conferences are an important medium for staying on the ball. Especially for us as a solution provider in the dental sector, our customers are the focus. The demands on dental laboratories are constantly changing and with them the type of support they need.

The ADT in Nürtingen is a very special highlight among the trade fairs and conferences in the dental industry. The family atmosphere and the supporting program invited to create networks, chat and celebrate together. The 540 live participants and 150 online participants listened to many interesting lectures and used the space for discussions which this event offered.

Industrial exhibition at the ADT

With 51 exhibitors from the industry, the ADT was fully booked and we were right in the middle. Especially for me, as a customer service employee, it was very valuable to personally get to know the customers to whom I talk on the phone every day. We at CADdent work very sustainably. A long-term customer relationship, knowing the requirements of our customers and building a good relationship with them is very important to us. Personal contact is essential for this and the ADT offered us a wonderful setting for this.

The participants who visited our stand were primarily interested in the topic of digital partial framework (RPD) and everything that has to do with it, including the finishing of works with the DLyte polishing machine. But LaserMelting Gold and digital orthodontics were also topics on which we answered questions from the ADT participants. Everything to do with the solutions which make the working day easier for dental laboratories.

Promotion of young talents in the dental industry at the ADT

A central point of the ADT (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dentale Technologie e.V.) is the promotion of young people. The ADT created “Forum 25” to offer young dental technicians a stage for their passion and at the same time to show them how multifaceted the dental technician job is.

The keynote in “Forum 25” was held by Prof. Dr. A. Gutowski, who couldn't find better words: "If you do something with passion, you can do it for a very long time!" With a wink, he added: "God's gift and discipline are of course also part of it. The environment just has to be right.”

Focus topic Medical Device Regulation at the ADT

The ADT participants also dealt with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR). The transition period ends on May 27th, 2024 and it is still unclear how it will be implemented by then. In his lecture, Prof. Dr. Ratajczak focused on the critical points of the MDR. In contrast to other industries, the dental industry consists of many small craft businesses which simply cannot afford the time and money required for certification according to the Medical Devices Regulation. Moreover, corporations such as VITA are also withdrawing products that have just been launched from the market because the certification process does not pay off.

Innovations and progress are blocked, small craft businesses and manufacturers that serve niches disappear from the market and individual solutions are no longer sought by suppliers. The solution which Prof. Dr. Ratajczak sees to it, in order that the MDR does not become an application fiasco, is: "Have the courage to admit that [the MDR] is rubbish, […] in order to remove it and start all over again. I wish that.”

Otherwise, laboratories and practices will have to adjust to the fact that many products that have previously provided good solutions will disappear from the market.

ADT - Nürtingen


This year's ADT was by no means an event for the self-adulation of the dental industry, many critical topics were addressed, which stimulated thought but in no way spoiled the mood. Young dynamism meets experience and craftsmanship meets industry. The newly won hybrid format offered the option of listening to the lectures again on-demand afterwards and interested parties who could not be there in person had the opportunity to follow the lectures live online.

All in all, the ADT 2022 was a very successful event from which we were able to draw a lot and we are already looking forward to being there again next year. You don't want to wait that long? Here you will find all trade fairs and events where you can meet us in person.