Ivoclar Prime Esthetic:
New in the CADdent program since the beginning of April 2023 - from technician to technician

With Ivoclar IPS e.max® ZirCAD Prime Esthetic (in short: Ivoclar Prime Esthetic) we offer the latest innovative generation of zirconium dioxide. In response to numerous customer requests and after intensive testing in our own company and in our integrated dental laboratory in Rager, Ivoclar Prime Esthetic has been expanding our CAD/CAM-based material portfolio for your monolithic dental restorations since April.

Another zirconia – what is Ivoclar Prime Esthetic?

Ivoclar Prime Esthetik

You probably know this from your own everyday work: when choosing the right zirconium dioxide for your customer work, it is necessary to weigh up the priorities. Strength or aesthetics? As the name suggests, the focus of Ivoclar Prime Esthetic is on aesthetics. Ivoclar was able to thrill our experts with this material. The test criteria included: proximity to the VITA shade ring, shade gradient, translucency and translucency gradient. We can therefore recommend Ivoclar Prime Esthetic for (monolithic) anterior and posterior restorations or for all work in which the focus is on aesthetics – and saving time through minimal rework.

There is still a small drop of bitterness. This material is only approved for up to 3-unit bridges with one pontic. There it is again - the compromise between aesthetics and strength. Due to the low strength of 700 to 850 MPa, a wider range cannot withstand the chewing load. The comparatively low strength results from the combination of 4Y and 5Y zirconia in one blank. The number indicates the content of yttrium oxide in the material.

You know 5Y zirconia, for example, from the enamel area of FAB Zirconia 3D (formerly CADtools 3D ML), Ivoclar Prime or Katana YML. You know 4Y zirconia from FAB Zirconia ML (formerly CADtools SHT ML) or FAB Zirconia ST (formerly CADtools SHT Color), for example. The combination of 4Y and 5Y zirconium oxide results in a blank with excellent aesthetic properties, but also with slightly lower strength.

Ivoclar Prime Esthetic stands for high-end esthetics and the highest quality in zirconium oxide restorations. This zirconium oxide is ideal for partially/fully anatomical crowns and bridges with up to three units and with a maximum of one pontic for veneerable crowns and bridges with up to three units and for telescopic prostheses. All 16 VITA shades and 4 highly aesthetic bleach shades are available. These are dentures in Hollywood white, but much more natural and beautiful thanks to the high level of translucency.

Your advantages with Ivoclar Prime Esthetic

Prime Esthetic already represents a highly aesthetic basis. This reduces the finalization effort to a minimum. There is no need to apply cut-back or painting techniques. As a rule, simple polishing and glazing is sufficient. You and your employees can spend this time freed up on more value-adding tasks. It's not required - but of course it doesn't rule it out. The material is suitable for glazing, staining, cut-back, ceramic veneering and infiltration.

The high shade fidelity to the VITA shade guide offers you even more time savings. This saves you annoying color adjustments. We can provide you with Ivoclar Prime Esthetic in all 16 VITA shades.

In addition, the color range of this material offers the first highly aesthetic bleach shades. So far, bleach colors have been referred to as "Hollywood white" in some circles. With Prime Esthetic this will probably change in the future, because our experts are surprised at how natural these "unnatural" colors look. Our clear recommendation for patients who strive for white teeth.

With the large number of zirconium dioxides in the dental market as a whole, but also in our material portfolio, it is easy to lose track - here is a help for orientation:

Ivoclar Prime Esthetic is a high-end multilayer zirconia that combines color and translucency gradients within a milling blank. It is therefore comparable to FAB Zirconia 3D, Ivoclar Prime and Katana YML. However, since it has a significantly higher translucency, it is even more suitable for monolithic restorations in the anterior and posterior region. The aforementioned materials, which are comparable to Ivoclar Prime Esthetic, combine 3Y and 5Y. Therefore, they cover better in the cervical area, as they have more opacity at this point. At the same time, these materials have a higher strength and are therefore approved for bridges with up to 16 units.

Technical data Ivoclar Prime Esthetic

  • Bending strength 700 - 850 MPa

  • Fracture toughness 3.6 MPa

  • Translucency: 45 - 49%, integrated and stepless color gradient

  • 10 year guarantee

  • Price identical to Ivoclar Prime: €46.99/unit

Examples of parameters (bridges)

Wall thickness 0.8 – 1.0 mm
Connector thickness: 12 - 16 mm2


Dental prostheses made of the new zirconium oxide Ivoclar IPS e.max® ZirCAD Prime Esthetic come closest to the natural tooth substance in terms of shape, color and function and meet the highest aesthetic demands. The natural appearance and the very good fitting accuracy make a monolithic posterior crown, a stable bridge construction, an implant restoration or a complex veneered, highly aesthetic single front tooth with maximum individuality possible. The high aesthetics of this material saves you time during finalization. In view of the prevailing shortage of skilled workers, the argument of saving time seems to us to be one of the most important, alongside the aesthetics of the material. With the bleach shades – which are really convincing for the first time in the history of zirconia – you also have the opportunity to respond even better to the wishes of your customers.

Digression: zirconia as a denture, it's almost like a real tooth

Zirconia has many advantages: crowns and bridges made from this material are very hard and durable. Restorations made of this material have a high flexural strength and can withstand heavy chewing, which makes them durable. Since an all-ceramic crown does not require a metal framework, no dark crown edge is visible even with receding gums - in recent years the aesthetic possibilities in zirconium have improved to such an extent that all-ceramic crowns represent a cheap, resource-saving alternative to veneered restorations. Here Ivoclar Prime Esthetic is at the forefront of this development. A solution that is particularly lucrative in times of a shortage of skilled workers. At the same time, she focuses on the well-being of the patient, because zirconia crowns do not lose their colour. An additional plus: zirconium dioxide is fully biocompatible and since the surface of the material is very smooth, plaque is difficult to deposit.