Dental milling material at CADtools-
from technician to technician

Perhaps you have already tested it yourself - CADtools zirconium - the first dental milling material that the CADdent® own brand CADtools has added to its product portfolio. We are pleased that our CADtools Zirkon has been so well received by you - our customers. So that you can also benefit from a good price with the highest quality for other materials, our experts have tested some materials in the area of CoCr, titanium and plastic.

Criteria for the introduction of new dental milling materials at CADtools

For dental laboratories with their own milling systems, the processing quality plays a major role. The round blanks must be easy to handle and the material must not put too much stress on instruments such as milling cutters. One of our guiding principles is to work with you to create more value for your laboratory. Therefore, in addition to material-specific criteria, we also looked at cost-effectiveness in detail.

CADtools material variety from zirconia to titanium and PMMA

Thanks to our partner laboratory, Labor Rager, new materials can be tested from a holistic perspective. It is not just the processing quality that plays a major role. We receive constructive feedback from our colleagues in the Rager laboratory with regard to the quality of further processing of the materials.

In addition to cost-effectiveness and the quality of handling and processing, the coloring also plays a major role, especially in the area of aesthetic restoration. That is why we paid special attention to this when selecting the CADtools Zirconia and also when looking for a suitable PMMA.

Over the past year we have tested products from a wide variety of manufacturers in order to be able to offer you high-quality materials with a reliably constant quality at unbeatable prices. It is also important to us that you can fall back on this quality when you mill yourself in your laboratory, as well as when you outsource the framework production to us. So you always have the opportunity to outsource your work to us at peak times without having to adjust to new materials in your processes.

These dental milling materials have been added to the CADtools material portfolio

This material is characterized by its ease of veneering. It is also easy to laser weld. This means that structures made from this material can be expanded and repaired at any time. Due to the high stability, it is also possible to create the thinnest-walled framework. CADtools CoCr is also easy to process, which is reflected in its surface, which looks almost polished right after milling.

This material is also characterized by good veneering and maximum stability. As with cobalt-chrome (CoCr), the thinnest-walled frameworks can be realized in the titanium as well. With this material, which is considered difficult, we paid particular attention to high corrosion resistance and thus high biocompatibility. Last but not least, it is characterized by its low weight, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear for the patient.

Both materials CADtools CoCr and CADtools Titanium are designed for up to a span of 16 elements and can be implemented with a minimum margin thickness of 0.40 mm. Tension-free bar work and precisely fitting individual abutments can be realized.

This plastics can be easily handled and processed and provides reliable stability. CADtools PMMA is available in both monocolor and multicolor versions in all 16 Vita color shades. The most demanding results can be achieved with natural basic colors - with CADtools PMMA multicolor even with a natural-looking color gradient - because an aesthetic result is extremely important for patient well-being, especially in the field of long-term temporaries. CADtools PMMA is also available highly transparent (clear) for splints. The dental milling material CADdent PMMA is approved for up to 16 units. It is particularly suitable for temporary restorations that can be worn for up to 36 months.

Stay future-oriented - with the new dental milling materials from CADtools

Every single one of the materials from the CADtools product portfolio was tested for millability and durability and rated as very good by our experienced experts with high performance and quality standards. The test and selection phase took a year in order to be able to offer you the best materials at a long-term low price - starting from now with CADtools, and from October 1st, 2021 with CADdent® - and all of that without having to resort to intermediaries.

Are you interested in the new dental milling materials in our range of services? Then contact us. We will be glad to advise you! We are here for you. At eye level. Today and tomorrow. From technician to technician.