etkon GmbH
– a brand of the Straumann group

etkon GmbH is a company active in digital dentistry. The purpose of this company is to manufacture dental frameworks using CAD / CAM-technology. etkon develops scanning and milling systems as well as the associated software itself. In 2007, the Gräfelfing-based company etkon GmbH was bought by the Straumann Group.

etkon scanner and software

etkon offered a self-contained scanning system that made it possible to have data records produced exclusively on etkon milling machines in etkon's own production center. etkon scanners work with 3D laser technology. According to etkon advertising material, users of an etkon scanner would invest once in the hardware and then benefit from regular software updates of the 3D software etkon-visual.

etkon es1

The etkon es1 scanner system, which has been successful for a long time, works with the technology of laser light section triangulation. 28,500 points per second are recorded over ten moving axes. The duration of a scan or the digitization time is 25 - 45 seconds with a specified measurement tolerance of ±10 µm.

Even today, used scanners are available online via a wide variety of platforms. However, it would probably be better to get a scanner system in-house that is still supported today and that corresponds more closely to today's standards.

You are also welcome to read our articles on 3Shape and exocad or speak to our experts.

Takeover of etkon GmbH from Straumann heavily discussed

With the acquisition of etkon, Straumann ventured into the CAD / CAM area and thus into digital technology. The takeover of etkon GmbH by the Straumann Group is being hotly debated among dental technicians. While etkon was strongly geared towards the dental laboratory with its closed dental system, Straumann focuses on dental practices. Labside products from etkon are thus being further developed into chairside products from Straumann. Before taking over etkon GmbH, Straumann was not active in the field of CAD / CAM-technology and was therefore not in competition with dental laboratories.

CADdent processes almost all formats

Labor Rager started digitizing the dental process chain early on. With the founding of CADdent® in 2009, this know-how developed in digital dental technology was bundled and constantly expanded. This means that we are able to accept almost all digital formats and implement them with the utmost precision. Below you will find an overview of the common formats that we process:

  • 3Shape
  • Wieland
  • Degudent
  • Sirona InEos Red/InEos Blue/X5
  • Amann Girrbach
  • Schütz
  • Smart Optics
  • etkon
  • Zirkonzahn
  • OpenScan of HEIMERLE+MEULE
  • Kavo
  • all scanners with exocad software
  • just like any open scanner

Does your scanner output a different format and you are not sure whether we can process it? Please contact us directly!


Digitization in dental technology is progressing and there are hardly any closed systems on the market. Open systems enable dental laboratories to remain flexible in their choice of suppliers. This flexibility is also necessary for loyal users, especially if you look at the past of companies like DeguDent and etkon. Such changes in the market always bring with them a great deal of uncertainty with regard to closed systems and thus also a certain risk of failure.

So if you decide to work with a new system, you should make sure that it is an open system. Do you have any questions? Then contact us. Our experts will be pleased to advise you!