Exocad DentalCAD is the software platform for digital, dental restorations from the software company exocad, founded in 2010 (as a spin-off of the Frauenhofer Institute). Exocad is headquartered in Germany and has additional locations in Luxembourg, UK, North America and Asia. 

The exocad claim “Your freedom is our passion” reveals a lot of the software company's philosophy, because in contrast to the 3Shape brand - which offers scanners and software in a package - exocad only supplies the software, not the dental scanner. Thus, the user is free to choose his partner, not only in terms of production, but also with which company he would like to work in the field of scanner hardware.

Exocad does not offer direct sales. Sales are carried out by so-called partners who integrate the “DentalCAD” software into their systems and later also provide support.

Like 3Shape , exocad provides an open system that works with an STL output that many manufacturing service providers, including us at CADdent®, can implement in the CAM process. 

exocad software prices

The software house exocad offers different price and license models for the different requirements of dental laboratories.

Flex license

With the flex license of the exocad software, dental laboratories are particularly flexible. Users of the exocad flex license receive regular updates, which are included in the license fee, and can easily activate and deactivate software add-ons.

Permanent license

The permanent license is generally valid for an unlimited period and never expires. Unless the software is no longer compatible with the operating system - the license itself does not expire, but under these circumstances there is still the possibility that the licensed software version no longer works without an upgrade.

To avoid this, exocad offers the option of booking an upgrade contract for a permanent license. With the upgrade contract, laboratories regularly receive new updates. The upgrade contract can be terminated at any time without additional costs. The exocad software will then continue to be used as of the date of termination. An update of the add-on modules is no longer possible after the termination and the support from the reseller is also omitted at this point.
If dental laboratories decide to update the software again at a later point in time, exocad now offers a refresh program. This means that laboratories do not pay fees for all missed updates, as they did in the past, but a fixed fee, which is calculated based on the booked modules, as well as the annual fee for an upgrade contract. The refresh fee does not apply within a grace period of 90 days.

exocad DentalCAD software modules

Numerous indications can be served without an additional module. The exocad DentalCAD standard version contains anatomical crowns, anatomical/simple copings, attachments, bridge frameworks, inlays/ onlays, veneers and telescopic crowns . In this, dental technicians also have the opportunity to work with wax-ups. Many other indications can then be covered using additional modules as required.
Exocad DentalCAD offers here

  • Implant Module for customized abutments  and screw-retained restorations

  • Bar Module for simple and complex bars

  • Model Creator for making physical models

  • Bite Splint Module for therapeutic occlusal splints

  • Provisional Module for temporary crowns and bridges

  • PartialCAD for partial denture frameworks

  • Full Denture Module for full dentures

  • TruSmile technology for a realistic representation of the tooth restorations

  • Virtual articulator for dynamic occlusion

  • Jaw Motion Import to import measurement data of the jaw movement

  • DICOM Viewer to visualize voxel data from CT machines

  • Smile Creator in order to be able to reliably assess the feasibility in the planning phase

  • Tooth library to use an extensive library of beautiful, natural teeth

exocad software training courses

Exocad itself does not offer any training courses. On its website, the software house refers to certified exocad software trainers, sales partners, non-certified providers and platforms. 


The exocad software offers a lot of flexibility for dental laboratories, which are always dependent on a sales partner when it comes to support questions, training and courses. At first glance, the license models seem confusing and unpredictable. Ultimately, it is a matter of taste and attitude who gets along better with which software. Every system has advantages and disadvantages that have to be weighed up individually. Are you unsure and would like to speak to an expert about it? Talk to us, our experts will be happy to advise you - at eye level!