Precision from the dental milling center

The multi-axis CAD / CAM-controlled, vibration-free, high-tech systems in our dental milling center achieve maximum reproduction accuracy for an enormous range of products. Whether customized abutments, single crowns, bridge frameworks or telescopic crowns - we realize even the most complex products in short delivery times. 


High-quality milling technology plays a decisive role in digital dental technology - more than ever, since we have also been using innovative zirconia materials. The transfer of the 3D data from the laboratory scanner marks the start of a precise production process - from the wax model to customized abutments. 

High-quality dental milling technology in our state-of-the-art production gives you access to a wide range of materials in addition to a wide range of products. Zirconium oxide in particular has proven to be a fascinating material, which we use in a wide range of services up to 16-unit restorations. 
In contrast to the additive process of LaserMelting, in which material is built up layer by layer until a body is formed, milling is referred to as a subtractive process, in which material is removed from a block until the end product emerges. Milling is the technical version of sculpture, so to speak.
The material is removed by a milling tool rotating at high speed around its own axis and following the intended contour. Milling enables a consistently high production quality, which is of crucial importance, especially for products used in dental technology.

CADdent mills from a variety of different materials - which are always up to date with the latest developments. We thus give our laboratory customers access to the latest technology without having to keep their own material storage.



  • Excellent fit

  • Reproducible at any time

  • Wide range of products

  • High variety of materials

  • Access to the latest material developments

  • Accustomed rework processing

  • Time savings for lucrative work, analog processes are eliminated

  • Fast production and short delivery times

  • Top price / performance ratio

Variety of materials / products