Service & Support

How many units will be charged for attachments and retentions? How do you charge tertiary constructions?

Two ring retentions respectively attachments will be charged as one unit

Tertiary constructions will NOT be charged as model castings/partial frameworks but they will be charged as individual units.


Is there any warranty for bridges?

We offer a warranty of 5 years against breakage for zirconia bridges.

Terms of Payment & Special Conditions

Do you grant any special terms?

You receive the following special conditions at CADdent:

  • A quantity discount of 5% for orders exceeding € 4,000.00 monthly net revenue
  • 2% cash discount on the gross amount when granting us a SEPA direct debit mandate
  • LaserMelting flat rate (more favourable price per unit without any time limit)
  • STANDBY (discount per unit for leaving us a longer production time)


What means “STANDBY”?

STANDBY“ means that you leave us a longer time for production. Therefore, you benefit from a more favourable price.

Materials that you can purchase in STANDBY:

Alle zirconia materials+ 1 working day production time
LaserMelting*+ 2 working days production time

* for crowns/bridges

Which kinds of payment methods do you offer?


You can choose between:

Pay every single delivery note or just wait until you will receive the monthly invoice per email as pdf and remit the entire monthly amount by 10 days after receipt of invoice at the latest.

You can also grant us a SEPA direct debit mandate and we withdraw the amount of the monthly invoice conveniently on the 10th of the following month.


How is LaserMelting material veneered?

Totally conventionally like casting NPM, there is no difference with ceramics.

LaserMelting NPM CTE: 14,1 -> ideal ceramics with lower CTE value e.g. 13,9.


How many elements/dimensions are possible in LaserMelting?

You can design briges of every dimension, there are no limits set for the production in LaserMelting technology.


Which kind of orders are able to produce in LaserMelting?

Amongst others you can order the following types:

  • crowns / bridges
  • bars
  • bars with anchors
  • model casting (with clasps)
  • outer telescopes



Did CADdent receive my files?


You receive a confirmation per e-mail up to 2 hours at the latest after receipt of the files (Mon. – Thu. up to 4pm, on fridays up to 2 pm, on saturdays up to 12 am). Otherwise we will send you the acknowledgement up to the next working day by 9 am at the latest.

IMPORTANT: Should you not have been receiving any confirmation of your order, please contact us as soon as possible.

How can I amend a file from 3.2 (for milling) in a 3.0 format (for LaserMelting)?

You cannot change a file format which you have already chosen. It is very important to choose the right output format already when creating a case.

How can I strengthen the margin?

For 3Shape: Margin Thickness must be set up in the Smile Composer to 0.1 mm (Margin-line offset). When reducing please consider to take the right margin thickness of 0.1 mm and do not forget to initialize at the end.

How many times should I calibrate my scanner?


We recommend to calibrate your scanner every 1 to 3 days. It depends on the quantity of your scans.

According to our experience a DAILY calibrating is necessary in all summer months approx. at lunchtime for achieving optimum results.

Furthermore the manufacturers recommend in general to newly calibrate if there are any temperature deviations of more than 3 degrees since the last calibrating.

Generally applies: the more often, the better results you will achieve.

How to connect a bridge correctly?

In a lot of construction programmes there is the possibility to connect the bridge via the button “laser-optimized”. Please set a checkmark at the  function laser-optimized thus the bridge will actually be forwarded in one piece to us.

What means “STANDBY”?

STANDBY“ means that you leave us a longer time for production. Therefore, you benefit from a more favourable price.

Materials that you can purchase in STANDBY:

Alle zirconia materials+ 1 working day production time
LaserMelting*+ 2 working days production time

* for crowns/bridges

What should I consider in case of margins bending inwards?
  • Arrange insertion direction for each stump indipendently.
  • Observe minimum thickness.


Which file formats are you able to read and produce?

Currently we are able to process the following file formats without any problems:

  • .stl (3.0 for LaserMelting & 3.2 for milling orders)
  • .idt (Sirona old, please always choose this file format)
  • .cdt (Sirona old)
  • .inlab (from Sirona 4.0)
  • .art / .ini (Degudent up to version 3.1.X.X)
  • .artx (Degudent from version 3.2, not to produce in LaserMelting!)
  • .nmdl / .inf (Etkon)
Which minimum thickness do I have to consider? (wall and margin)?

The minimum thickness for wall should be 0.4 mm and margin 0.1 mm. Please adjust this values circularly.

Which scanner do I need to send you files?

All scanners are possible which generate a .stl file as well as some others.

Among other things:

  • 3Shape
  • Wieland
  • Degudent
  • Sirona InEos
  • Amann Girrbach
  • Schütz
  • Smart Optics
  • Etkon
  • Zirkonzahn
  • OpenScan of HEIMERLE+MEULE
  • Kavo
  • And every opened system as well
Why is there a deadline for files and what should I consider?

The deadline is for you the guarantee, that your order and those of other clients will be regularly dispatch on the next working day. In addition, the data limit is important for us for some technical reasons, since all our machines are optimally implemented. Please note that the data limits vary by MATERIAL and they can therefore bring to different production and delivery times.




Why must minimum thickness compulsory be observed?

In order to be able to guarantee the safety of your production (in cas of non-compliance outbrakes/perforations may occur).


Model Delivery

How should I prepare an order with model?

In General

  • Bitemadeby a dental technicianin the articulatoritself(pliable silicone),please NOT the originalbite of the patient!
  • In the anterior regionideally a situationmodel
  • The articulatorCAN besent also, but it is NOT necessary
  • Easily removablewax-up
  • Stump at the preparation line clearly define


Abutments / works on implants:

  • Removable gum around implants
  • Easily removable wax-up
  • Avoid absolutely sharp edges (also wit rotation lock)
  • Screwdriver
Is it also possible to send you models ?


Of course, you can also send us your models (plaster model).

  • Please grind the stumps but do not paint them
  • Please print out our order sheet.

Model Casting

With which software might I design a model casting/partial frameworks?


There are the following software programmes:


SoftwareSupplierCompatible with
Scan-it-removeable 3Shape 3Shape
RP-Design Exocad alle .STL
Digilea Digistell alle .STL
Partial Frameworks DentalWings DentalWings


Dental Technical Questiones

Does CADdent offer directly screwed bridges & bars?


Of course, we are able to process this kind of orders as well.

You only send us your model and we design for you.

We produce tension-free dental works in LaserMelting CoCr or titanium at favourable conditions by using the Microimp technology.

How long is Plastic mouth-compatible?


  • Wieland TelioCAD (PMMA) is mouth-compatible for approx. 1 year
  • Degudent Cercon base (PMMA) is mouth-compatible for approx. 6 months
  • VITA CAD-Temp multiColor is mouth-compatible for approx. 3 years
  • The mouth compatibility of CADdent PMMA is unlimited
  • The mouth compatibility of Polycarbonat is unlimited
The difference between zirconia Zenostar sun & Zenostar sun chroma?

Those both new blanks differ by a warm, natural colouring. As a result of  this, there is a warmer colour scheme from the inside which shows a lighter basic chroma for sun and a more intensive one for sun chroma.

Due to the warm and reddish colour shades those blanks are very suitable as a basis for dentures with an individual colouring. Thus you can utilise them for patients whose tooth colours are deviating from the usual ones.

  • Sun: VITA colour A2 + A3
  • Sun Chroma: VITA colour A3,5 + A4
What is Herbst Design?

Herbst Design, also called Herbst appliance or Herbst hinge is a functional orthodontic appliance for Class II, division 1 malocclusion treatment. (developed by Mr. Herbst).

When do I choose translucent zirconia and when opaque?


Transpa: very good for full anatomical designs but also generally suitable when there is NO dark tooth stump /metal abutments etc. (=40 % translucent).

OPAQUE: very suitable for darker tooth stump / metal abutments etc. (=25% translucent).


Which colours are available for Katana zirconia?

This zirconia blank consists of four different industrially pre-coloured layers. They represent the natural tooth colours and enable you to create a natural, tooth-like restoration.

The following colours are available:

  • A light: VITA colour A1,5 - A2
  • A dark: VITA colour A2,5 - A3,5
  • B light: VITA colour B1,5 - A2
  • C light: VITA colour C1,5 - C2