VITA CAD-Temp® multiColor – polychromatic plastic for aesthetic temporaries

Whether as bridging during healing phases or to check planned changes in the jaw relation and occlusion - there are several reasons which require a (long-term) temporary solution. If the device is worn for a long time, it is not only the function that is important to the patient, but also the aesthetics. The multilayer plastic VITA CAD-Temp® multiColor is not only functional, but also an aesthetic alternative thanks to its polychrome coloring. 

Advantages of VITA CAD-Temp® multiColor

Since VITA CAD-Temp® multiColor is a PMMA-free resin, it is listed as a class 1 medical product, in contrast to other resins which are mixed in practice,  and can therefore remain in the patient's mouth for an unlimited period of time . The material is approved for temporary restorations with up to 16 units. Due to its high stability, it can be removed several times and there is still no risk of breakage.

The temporary restoration made from VITA CAD-Temp® retains its shape even if it is removed several times. One speaks here of a high degree of dimensional stability.

The milling blanks are layered in 4 colours and thus simulate a natural colour gradient. The aesthetics achieved in this way ensure better well-being in patients for whom the path to permanent care is a long one. 
VITA CAD-Temp® is financially also a good solution. Thanks to the possibility of producing long-term temporaries in the CAD / CAM process, the temporary rsin is not only functional and aesthetic, but also economical.


VITA CAD-Temp® is approved for crowns and bridges in the anterior and posterior area. Drilling templates and splints to raise the bite can also be made from this multilayer resin. If the device is worn for more than six months, no cantilever bridges are recommended, due to the flexural strength and the associated low stability. 

You should pay attention to this when usingVITA CAD-Temp® multiColor

No special requirements need to be observed during preparation. However, in order to be able to remove the bridge several times, it is essential to ensure that a temporary cement is used when inserting it. This cement must also be eugenol-free so that a reaction with the plastic can be ruled out.

Otherwise, the preparation is carried out as prescribed for the subsequent definitive all-ceramic. The prescribed preparation guidelines for all-ceramic restorations therefore apply.


VITA CAD-Temp® multiColor is more than suitable for a long-term temporary restoration which, in addition to functional properties, should also serve aesthetics - even if this matrial dispenses with translucency in favor of stability. 

Despite its high aesthetics, VITA CAD-Temp® multiColor is a resin for temporary restorations. Temporary restorations made of this material should therefore not be worn in the mouth for longer than 36 months - because despite low abrasion and high antagonist friendliness, longer wearing time can lead to bruxism.

VITA CAD-Temp® multiColor is available in the following shades:

1M2TM; 2M2TM; 3M2TM

Unit of measurement    

Value *          

Flexural strength

MPa (Nmm2)   > 80

Modulus of elasticity

MPa (Nmm2) ca. 2800 

Softening temperature (DSC)     


ca. 118 

Inorganic filler content

Weight  % ca. 14

Water absorption

corresponds to EN ISO 10477 crown and bridge resins


corresponds to EN ISO 10477 crown and bridge resins

Colour stability

corresponds to EN ISO 22112 artificial teeth for dental prostheses

*Source: VITA CAD-Temp® Instructions of use