With CADdent as a partner,
my numbers are as good
as my work
Richard Krochta, Richard Krochta Dentaltechnik GmbH, Munich

More added value with CADdent

Concentrate on individual, high-quality prosthetics, we will take care of the rest for you.

Experience, Quality and Precision:

We are among the pioneers in LaserMelting (or selective laser melting / SLM). As a leading provider, we supply customers all over Europe with basic prosthetic products up to complex structures in orthodontics. Our LaserMelting process implements any digitally created 3D design in cobalt-chrome (CoCr), titanium or gold with high precision.

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Precision, Speed and Variety:

The multi-axis CAD / CAM-controlled, vibration-free high-tech systems in our dental milling center achieve the highest level of reproduction accuracy for an enormous range of products. Whether customized abutments, bridge frameworks, telescopic crowns or bars - we also produce the most complex products with short delivery times.

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Your Plus:

With our systems we implement the most complex designs in 3D-printing for dental technology. Our equipment enables a wide variety of materials as well as a wide variety of sizes for numerous fields of application, from models to printed impression trays to computer-navigated drilling templates for the highest quality implant technology.

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Customer orientation as a philosophy
– we focus on you

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Roots in the dental laboratory

Experience understanding and competence

Customer proximity is a promise, which we can easily keep. We are not only aware of the needs, possibilities and challenges of our customers, but also very close to them, because we have one thing in common: dental technology. The roots of our dental laboratory are located here.

About us

Das labor rager zeichnet sich mit über 5 Jahrzenten Erfahrung aus. Diese sind auch bei der CADdent GmbH spürbar.
What our
customers say

„Kunden sollte man weder binden noch fesseln, man sollte sie begeistern“ (Georg-Wilhelm Exler). Aus diesem Grund lassen wir Kunden über die Zusammenarbeit mit uns berichten.

Outsourcing to
CADdent has
only advantages for me
Rouven Cser
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The support in
the digital implementation
is great
Michael Färber
Zahntechnik Färber
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Access to the latest
material technologies is
our competitive advantage
Antje Unger
Unger & Schurig Dental GmbH
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