Uvjeti CADdent® Laser- und Fräszentrum GmbH

  1. General
    • 1.1. Orders are processed according to the general terms and conditions customary in the field of dental technology. This standard will apply throughout the duration of the business transaction, even if payment is made by a third party. Any changes require written confirmation by CADdent. In case of discrepancies, the general terms and conditions will prevail.
  2. Prices
    • 2. 1. Charges will be appear according to the current price schedule on the day of shipment plus mandatory sales tax.
    • 2. 2. Cost estimates are only recognized at the time of issue and need to be confirmed in writing together with pre-determined procedures. Increases of up to 10% are accepted by Client without recourse. Increases above 10% need prior approval by Client before any work begins. Materials requiring special attention ( such as teeth, precious metals, etc) will definitely change the original cost estimate.
  3. Delivery
    • 3.1. Delivery time is an estimate to the best of knowledge by CADdent. Only if we exceed the estimate by a large margin, can Client withdraw the order or ask for compensation.
  4. Shipping
    • 4.1. Client will bear all costs and risks.
  5. Liability
    • 5.1. It is the responsibility of Client to immediately examine the finished product upon receipt for accuracy and completion. Claims need to be filed immediately and done in writing. Client needs to provide CADdent with a sample model in order for CADdent to furnish a replacement or a corrected model. In the case of improper fit, Client needs to return product  together with the sample model and a new model cast within 10 days of receipt of order.
    • 5.2. Client's claim will entitle Client to receive a corrected or replacement product at the sole discretion of CADdent. In the case of a total failure, Client has the right of a rebate or cancellation of order. 
    • 5.3. Client cannot file for damages, unless Client can prove an intentional violation or breach of contract by CADdent, or its representatives.
  6. Support Materials
    • 6.1. All procedures are handled with great care. However, CADent has no control over the quality of casts and molds sent by Client, which are crucial to exact fit. In case of questionable support materials sent to CADent, CADent reserves the right of refusal, upon conferring with Client. Negative results based on faulty casts and molds sent by Client are the sole responsibility of Client.
  7. Materials and Accessories
    • 7.1. Materials supplied by Client (precious metal, teeth, etc.) or accessories (such as partials, bridges, etc.) will be processed and can incur an additional charge according to industry standards. Mishaps that are a direct result of inferior materials and accessories provided to CADent are handled with the same quality of care as is customary for in house processing.
  8. Payment
    • 8.1. Invoices are payable within 10 days of receipt. In case of checks, clearance by the bank will be considered date of payment. Promissory Notes are only accepted under specific conditions. Additional charges will be added starting on the due date of the invoice. Late payment can add a surcharge of 3% on top of the customary discount rate applied by the German Bundesbank.
    • 8.2. Payment demands by CADent can only be contested by Client through legal counsel.
  9. Right of ownership
    • 9.1. All delivered products will remain the sole ownership of CADent until all payments are made in full, including all expenses that are a direct result of the business transaction.
    • 9.2. Upon entering into an agreement with CADent, Client agrees to fully empower CADent to perform all functions necessary for the duration of the entire business transaction.
  10. Place of production and legal jurisdiction
    • 10.1. CADent GmbH is Head Quarters for production and dispatch.
    • 10.2. CADent GmbH is Head Quarters for all legal matters:

a) no recourse for legal action by client when re-locating out of Germany or to an undisclosed location after fulfillment of contract.

b) demand for payment has no legal boundaries.