Terms of use

1.) All images published by CADdent® GmbH are copyrighted.

2.) The publication or reproduction of the images is permitted free by CADdent® GmbH for: dental laboratories that are currently customers of CADdent® GmbH. CADdent® GmbH should always be reported as an image source.

3.) CADdent® GmbH permits illustration, publication or reproduction of these images in the press as well as in analog and digital publications exclusively for promotion which is clearly associated with the CADdent® GmbH.

4.) The use of images in the defined type requires the prior consent of the CADdent® GmbH and is therefore to apply before the scheduled reproduction, publication respectively duplication in CADdent® GmbH.

5.) Use of the images - also with respect to what defined in paragraph 3 of type of use - also requires the prior consent of the CADdent® GmbH and is therefore to apply before the planned publication at CADdent® GmbH.

6.) The use of images in commercial publishing products or other announcements about resale purposes is not permitted.

7.) If you want to use the images for economic purposes, you have the possibility to request the rights of use and if applicable acquire. For this purpose, please contact us.

8.) The user himself may not transfer all rights to third parties. He may not transfer the images in any form (neither as photographic print, print, copy, file or other media) or offer in online systems for use or distribution. The user is obliged to refer to the image author or the holder of the rights (owner: CADdent® GmbH).

9.) A fundamental amendment of the image statement by photo montages of any kind is not permitted without the consent of CADdent® GmbH.

10.) The user agrees to immediately transmit following completion two document samples at his own expense to CADdent® GmbH or notify the website address in case of use on the Internet.

CADdent® GmbH
Iris Uhl
Max-Josef-Metzger-Str. 6
86157 Augsburg
E-Mail: iris.uhl(at)caddent.eu


11.) The CADdent® GmbH reserves the right to revoke the license granted for good cause. The user is committed to undertake in this case no additional images, publications or reproductions. Finished products may - if they were achieved correctly after this agreement - be continuingly marketed.

12.) In case of breach of this agreement CADdent® GmbH may require that the user to withdraws all his products with the permanent position of the pictures at his own expense and either corrects or cancels the distribution completely. In addition, CADdent® GmbH reserves to claim compensation for damages in this event.

13.) In a not agreed, commercially independent exploitation of the images, CADdent® GmbH is entitled to customary image fees. In addition, CADdent® GmbH reserves the right to assert claims for damages.
14.) The files provided are already prepared to the best of our knowledge and belief. However, neither the publisher nor the manufacturer assume liability for errors in the documents as well as resulting system errors.

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