Thanks to our special milling strategies and an exact reproduction accuracy we achieve a unique precision. In our daily activities we work with a fascinating material: zirconium dioxide – also called “white gold”.

This non-metallic high-performance ceramics is now rightly “in everybody’s mouth”. In our company it is applied in a wide range of services, from single crown and bridges on telescopic crowns to sophisticated superstructures and long-span restorations up to 16 elements.

Zirconia has an extreme stability and fracture strength combined with a high tolerance for the patient. It is non allergenic and convinces with its natural-looking translucency compared to traditional opaque solutions, even at the highest aesthetic standards. However, as is well-known the differences are to be found in the detail, we use strict quality criteria for the selection of the materials. For this reason, we only work with branded products proved with certification according to medical devices legislation.