Precision is our passion

It is always our desire to meet your individual demands in the shortest time to produce optimum quality products. We accomplish this with the assistance of the latest CAD/CAM technology which reads your requests digitally and anatomically and then transforms them into molds and casts. Our custom designed laser and milling technique always achieves a product of exactness with unique precision.


We cover a wide variety of procedures, such as single unit crowns, bridges and partials, telescopic onlays, as well as full mouth reconstructions. Due to our innovative technique, we are able to produce so called model castings. This new software enables us to manufacture lower and upper metal partial prosthesis. Our high end metal alloy is comparable to industrial strength steel and therefore superior to all other dental castings.

Due special LaserMelting technology also digital „model casting“
with excellent fitting

Our advanced technology, with a laser process specifically designed for dental procedures, guarantees a fit with utmost precision and absolute perfection in a speedy manner (turn around time is 24 hours).


Precision metal structure with our special LaserMelting technology comparable to industrial strength steel.