Individual abutments made of titanium I CoCr (NP metal)

Individual abutments made of CAD/CAM procedure enable an optimum aesthetic design of the emergence profile and thus ensure the success of the implant-retained prosthetic restorations.  To the entire satisfaction of the dentist and the patient as well.

Delivery of sent model

You send us your model and we design based on the planned dental crown originating from the patient’s individual abutment with the aid of a special software.

Your advantages:

  • No subsequent treatment
  • Easier and thus less time consuming and cost intensive
  • No extensive adjustment for the ingestion of the crown

Abutment for model customers

Make your own design

Implement your imagination and idea on your own and design the abutment according to your requirements. You will receive the necessary library free of charge by us.

Should you be interested, just contact us under telephone number 0049 821.59 99 96 550 or send us an email


  • Open 3Shape, Exocad or Dentalwings scanner
  • Abutment module in your scanner software
  • Library for free by us
  • Scan bodies & screw driver obtainable by us
  • Exclusively use original model analogs

Abutment for data file customers