MDT Mr. Engemann, Stuttgart / Germany:

"I've been a customer of CADdent with my own lab since the year 2010.

I was very impressed by the professional handling from the whole beginning. All CADdent employees are well-trained colleagues who can also help in case of particular questions concerning dental technology. That's very comfortable. At the same time you always know at which status your order or delivery is. Delivery effects by UPS to my requested times.

In Augsburg as well the development does not stand still. So, the LaserMelting technology for CoCr (NP) and recently titanium were launched. A real revelation for an old titanium caster as I am.

No argon inclusions, no alpha case, precise fitting - almost without any refinishing offered by the security in manufacturing and quality of my works. I also have the feeling that the composite of the veneering considerably improved. Surely has the raw material titanium still its particularities. However, the manufacturing is much easier and more precise.

The same applies for frameworks of CoCr made of LaserMelting technology. Long spans or even "horseshoes" are no problem anymore. The adjustment period of a good constructed 14-unit bridge takes from unpacking until the delivery to my customers approx. 20 minutes. Generously calculated.

In the meantime, I've upgraded myself in the section of CAM technology. Metal processing as well. However - sophisticated orders still go to CADdent in full manner - also due to the top service and best prices."