Ceramic Dental, Mr. Pellegatta, on Wieland zirconia and LaserMelting, Italy:

"Our lab has been working for a lot of months together with CADdent and we thus  found an ideal partner for the manufacturing of our translucent zirconia and LaserMelting bridges in CoCr (NP).

Although the company is located in Germany, they provide us with a top service as they have Italian mother-tongue employees. They are always very friendly and polite.

We are very happy with the translucent material of Wieland (zirconia) for which we also have found a veneering which is the perfect match for it and whereby we achieve brilliant results.

LaserMelting is a very precise and quick procedure for the manufacturing of crowns, bridges and bars as well as for implants. We always ask for the grinding service and therefore receive products which we do not have to after treat a lot before we give them to our dentists.

Despatch and delivery of orders to Italy is always very fast and liable as they arrive us approximately 48 hours after receipt of the files and all consignments are traceable as well!"