State of the Art, innovative and flexible – The Competence Center

The CAD/CAM technology used in our state of the art Laser and Milling Center enables you to work with materials in your field, which is normally not possible.

Thus, you can take advantage of the outstanding characteristics of materials such as zirconia (full ceramics) for your own benefit. This technique enables us to assure the same exact results consistently. As the Competence Center we have earned the reputation as market leader in this field throughout Germany. 

We are able to cover the whole spectrum within the dental technology based on our various modern and fully automatic stations including, for instance, the milling of whole mouth restaurations in one Piece in zirconia, as well as in other different materials. Let yourself be inspired by LaserMelting, and realize constructions in CoCr or titanium. Thanks to their homogeneous structure and wuality, it keeps up with rolled steel industry, or even surpass it.

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